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Manifestation - How To Attract A Great Relationship (Or Anything Else!)

When you investigate the tradition of relationship manifestation and attracting what you want, the thing you come to see is that people have used this technique for generations. The fact is - like anything else in life, if you put your mind to it, you can manifest a great relationship, sexual or otherwise....

Naturally this type of process looks very odd - we're accustomed to thinking of relationships as something that will only come with effort and possibly sweat and tears (and embarrassment over the first sexual experiences...!) Maybe this is why people are so coy about admitting they have manifested a relationship.

You see, as with anything else in life, intention is half the battle in achieving success and that's just as much true in finding a relationship, as it is in any field of life.

manifestation of a great relationshipBecause without a clear goal, the subconscious mind cannot understand what it is that you're asking it to do. This is why it is necessary to formulate a pretty clear image of exactly what it is you want in terms of a sexual partner.

Which means, in effect, visualizing an image of the person in a way that will allow your mind to the maximum number of opportunities to manifest a relationship partner for you.

A lot of people make the mistake of visualizing every single detail including, for example, the color of the partner's hair, the size, shape, and so on so forth...

But this is a mistake, because the more specific you are, the less opportunity the universe has to manifest exactly what you want. I mean, if you think about this it's quite obvious that the number of partners who match up exactly to the image that you're defining must be limited.

If instead you simply visualize a partner who fulfils the requirement to be a soulmate and to make you happy, to give you a relationship in which you can grow and develop, then the universe has many more possibilities to choose from.

woman meditating to increase success at manifesting realityHaving said all that, I think there are some things that it's important to specify: for example if the sexual side of the relationship is important to you, then it's probably a good idea to ensure that you actually made your visualization clear about the sexual needs and requirements that you have.

Of course I'm not suggesting that you could partner up with any man or woman in the world that's ridiculous.

What I am suggesting is that a connection that could be important in terms of your relationship might be at the heart level rather than the physical appearance level, and therefore programming or visualizing for qualities such as happiness or an excellent relationship may be more important to you than visualizing the specific physical appearance of a potential partner.

Manifestation & Law of Attraction

So how does this work? The first thing to say is that it works extremely well, but essentially there are two levels at which you could see this process of manifestation and creation operating. By the way, you can click here to find out more about manifestation in real life.

The first level at which you could see manifestation operating is that of the conscious: in other words if you set yourself an intentional goal you have a specific objective to achieve, and it's highly likely that you'll be on the lookout for opportunities that you would otherwise have missed.

For that means, in practical terms, when you meet a potential partner you pay more attention to him or her, and you'll be more likely to establish a connection which leads on to a relationship. This is a simple, practical fact about how people get together: you actually have to be in a position to meet people before you can even think of having a sexual relationship.

I can explain this in more detail by referring to an experiment which was conducted on luck. Experimenters put a $10 bill in the gateway to a coffee shop, then invited people to come in and talk to them on the pretext of organizing some kind of scientific investigation.

Of course the real investigation was about who picked up the $10 bill and who didn't. You may or may not be surprised that people who described themselves as lucky in a questionnaire were far more likely to pick up the $10 bill.

The point here is that they were far more likely to notice it. And that's one basis on which you can manifest a relationship: by setting a goal or target, which means you actually program yourself to spot opportunities that you might otherwise miss.

However, of course there is another level at which this works, which is the level of the subconscious and its connection to the universal energy of manifestation and the Law of Attraction. You see, when the subconscious receives a goal and clear instruction, it sets out to work towards that goal in a very clear and well-defined way. It's not even necessary for you to understand the steps by which your objective might be made manifest you can relax completely, knowing that the universe has all the power it needs to be able to manifest exactly what you want.

A number of people have said to me that this process has failed when they tried it, or they've got something unexpected or even, something they didn't want, at least in terms of a sexual partner.

My answer to that is always this: when you get something you don't expect, you can fairly safely assume the reason for it is that the universe is operating on a series of steps which you need to traverse before you reach your final objective. In other words, you may have something to learn, for example, about the nature of relationships or sex itself, and what manifests for you when you try to program for a relationship will be the thing that you need, for example, the experience of being intimate with another person that you need at this time, to learn information about yourself or the world, which will take you on to the next step of your relationship pathway.

If you think people who are trying to become highly paid speakers, example, no matter how hard they visualize that objective, they have to go through a number of steps, a process of learning, and of gaining experience, which will finally, overall, manifest their goal.

manifestation using law of attractionIt's absolutely the same in establishing a sexual relationship with a new partner! If you want to enjoy a relationship of high quality, unless you're fairly sophisticated in terms of emotional intelligence and emotional development already, it's almost certain that you are going to need to go through a few experiences along the way which will help you understand and appreciate how to run a relationship...

I strongly recommend that you have a look at the websites on the subject of manifestation that I recommend above, because this will make the whole thing much more simple and easy to understand, including why you experience difficulties in establishing a relationship. In this most tenuous and possibly frightening area of human experience, a close intimate relationship with another person is something we all want, yet it can be hard to achieve.

Using manifestation will undoubtedly help you achieve it!


Napoleon Hill, writing in the 1930s, summed up the concepts in his thoughtful book "Think and Grow Rich". how to build a plan for manifesting what you wantHill summarized each of the philosophies which are required to produce monetary success, sexual success, worldly success, or some other objective. He made it easy to learn about the techniques of manifestation (click here to see what they consist of).

And consistently, he referred to the key component of manifestation as attraction - the need to have a very clear aim and to clearly imagine yourself as if you have your goal in your life already.

Vivid detail is crucial, because it gives you a powerful motivation, and passionate desire and total belief about the possibility of you attaining your goal are both vital for it to show up or manifest in your world. You need to find out what makes your heart to fill with joy, and then set out to attain that goal. Using the Law Of Attraction is the easiest way to get what you want.

Effective support in the process of creation can come from a "mastermind" group, consisting of people who are fully supportive of you and who provide a level of creativity and empowerment thousands of times more powerful that will help you manifest your goal. Hill emphasized over and over again the need to have absolute belief in the chance of reaching your preferred outcome. In terms of a sexual relationship this would be about not having any doubts about getting a new partner.

In other words, in the event you don't believe you will attain your objective, there isn't the smallest chance of it happening!

Video: planning for success

With the help of the tips listed in the video above, you are much more likely to be able to apply the Law Of Attraction fast and effectively.