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The Art Of Lasting Longer During Sex The End Of Early Ejaculation

good advice on fitness from the adonis indexThe truth is that almost all males experience an episode of premature ejaculation from time to time, and some ejaculate quickly each time they make love.

This is great advice for all men with control issues - you may find out how to last longer in bed.

Even so, the definition of early ejaculation allows for the fact that some couples' sex expectations are very dissimilar to others. In general, however, it is possible to say that a male suffers from premature ejaculation if he gets to his ejaculation inside two minutes of penetration.

In cases like this, the man is probably not getting much pleasure for himself, and it's practically certain he won't be satisfying his partner either. If you read on, you'll find some uncomplicated hints that will help you to delay your orgasm.

Other problems that are associated with premature ejaculation include things like tension within the romantic relationship, unmentioned anger, and a need to find far better sex outside the relationship. In reality, nearly all women wish to have extended sexual intimacy with or without sexual climax just because it allows them to feel intimate and connected to their partner.

Even so, it can be a challenge to deal with premature ejaculation. One way is to develop greater confidence - and to do that you need to have a good body, and sexual confidence - which of course comes form not ejaculating too soon! With the Adonis index - or the Adonis Gold Ratio - you have every possibility of building a great body quickly.

And then, not only will you be more attractive to women, you will be more sexually confident!

Yes, see the picture below to really understand what The Adonis Index can do for you! you can build a great body like this even if you have no previous body building experience..... you can, in fact, look like the golden ratio was the blueprint for your body...!

good advice on fitness and body building from the adonis index

Wrapped up in the pleasure and arousal of making love, all the good intentions which a man may have before he gets into bed are likely to go out of the window pretty rapidly, and a cycle of rapid ejaculation and low self- esteem can become a downward spiral.

I've seen a lot of men who expressed a desire to enjoy better sex by overcoming premature ejaculation somehow forgot their intention when they got into bed with a naked partner!

So what you need to do, right now, is decide once and for all that you are definitely going to get to grips with your rapid ejaculation.

Do it for your partner's sake, if not your own, because when she is happier in bed, your whole relationship will improve.

The second requirement for lasting longer during sexual intercourse is understanding how to relax when you make love.

Of course a lot of tension can build up in the excitement sexual intercourse, that's only natural. Unfortunately for a man, muscular tension and the signs of sexual arousal in the body, such as shallow breathing, almost always make him come more quickly than he otherwise would.

One way that you can prove this to yourself is to make love in the man on top position and then to try sex with the woman on top. In the first case you're much more tense, and you're likely to ejaculate much more quickly.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to keep your body relaxed and your breathing deep and slow even when you become wrapped up in the excitement of sexual arousal.

The easiest method to avoid tension is to keep a small portion of the mind focused entirely on the degree of muscular tension you are experiencing, and to check your breathing so you can slow down and take deep breaths if necessary.

So every time that you sense that you're getting more tense, take time to slow down, and consciously relax all your muscles. And again, if you notice your breathing is getting shallow and fast, slow it down and take deep breaths. Even though very simple, these two basic strategies will actually enable you to last much longer in bed.

The third step is to develop sensitivity to your level of arousal, so that you know how close you are to your orgasm. I find many men who come for help with rapid ejaculation simply do not know how aroused they are during lovemaking, and often ejaculation takes them by surprise.

Controlling Premature Ejaculation

Obviously if you don't know how near you are to your ejaculation you have no hope of controlling it. Only when you actually know how aroused you are, and how near to the point of ejaculation, can you slow down the pace of sex and so delay your ejaculation. You can even stop moving altogether and remain motionless within your partner if you wish.

Ensure that you have at least half an hour to yourself and that you will not be disturbed before beginning to masturbate with a slippery lubricant such as olive oil.

Bring yourself towards your orgasm again and again, but each time stop before you actually ejaculate. As you do this, maintain a sense of how aroused you are, and ensure that you listen to the signals of your body, so that you can stop masturbating before you actually ejaculate.

When you begin this exercise, you may discover that you not have much control or awareness, but with practice you will find that your awareness increases dramatically- and very quickly! Before long you'll find that you're able to bring yourself much nearer the point of ejaculation without having an orgasm, and that you'll be able to keep yourself there for longer. Use cognitive behavioral techniques to stop PE - find out how here.

The point of this exercise is to discover how you can stimulate yourself for up to 30 minutes without having an orgasm. Bring yourself to the point where you feel you may ejaculate and then stop several times in the half-hour. When you're satisfied with your level of self- control you can actually enjoy your orgasm and ejaculation .

So simple doesn't it? But it's a powerful exercise that can vastly increase your staying power and enable you to last much longer in bed. Furthermore, if you do something similar while you're actually enjoying sex with your partner, you'll be able to find an ability to last longer which you never suspected you possessed.